“Repairing goes hand and hand with living lightly on the planet and having respect for all animate and inanimate objects.”
–Heidi Spinella, MA

It’s a community meeting place where people bring broken beloved items to be repaired, for free, with skilled volunteers. Bring something, learn something, join the fun! >

Our goal is to help people keep “useful things useful, and out of a landfill.” Any community can start a Repair Cafe of its own! >

Learning to repair alongside friendly fixers is a fun way to share skills and build community!  We’ll share creative solutions stories and news of repair events around the country. >

This new book highlights how fixers are transforming our throwaway Culture - stories, advice and resources contributed by volunteers from America’s community repair movement. >

Repair Cafe USA is a network of independently held Repair Cafes across the United States. The goal of this site is to improve and grow our network of communication among all current – and future– Repair Cafes in the US. 

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How Fixers Are Transforming Our Throwaway Culture

"Presents the what, why and how-to of bringing repair and reuse to every town in the USA."

– Neil Seldman, President of the Institute for Local Self-Reliance


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