Repair Cafe USA is a network of independent, volunteer-run Repair Cafes across America.

We aim to grow this community and improve communications among all current — and future — repair initiatives.

Repair Cafes are community meeting places where people, of all ages, bring beloved, but broken items to be repaired, for free, with skilled volunteers who are often your neighbors!


What kinds of things do people bring? Lamps, clocks, and other small electrics, wooden toys and furniture, clothing and other textiles, stuffed animals, bikes, jewelry, dull knives and scissors, and digital devices. Bring something you can’t or won’t live without, and join the fun! Even if it can’t be fixed, you’ll have a good time trying, and meet new friends! 

"I started this from the perspective of somebody who was interested in helping people live waste-free."

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Peter Skinner established first Repair Cafe in the USA. Palo Alto, 2012



Repair Café was started by journalist Martine Postma in 2009 in Amsterdam, Holland. The organization's goal is to “bring repair back into the local society in a modern way, to preserve and spread repair knowledge, and to promote social cohesion by bringing together neighbors with very different backgrounds."


In 2010, the Dutch government designated Repair Café International Foundation a Public Benefit Organization. Their website is translated in English, Spanish, French and German.

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"Sustainability discussions are often about ideals, about what could be. This is very hands on, very concrete. It’s about doing something together, in the here and now."

Martine Postma, Founder of Repair Cafe International