Repair Revolution Conversations


Creating New jobs and Enterprises Through Zero Waste: The Zero Waste Committee of Warren County, NY (a project of the Clean Air Action Network (CAAN) of Glens Falls) sponsored this important Zero Waste Webinar focused on local economic growth through reuse and repair enterprises and programs. Elizabeth Knight Moss presents at the minute 26 and towards the end.

With co-author Elizabeth Knight, a marketing executive and author of Welcome Home. She lives in Warwick, NY.
In memory of co-author John Wackman who passed away January 8, 2021.

A conversation about "Fixing for Change," iFixit invited the authors of 3 new books on how to transition to a more sustainable and equitable pattern of consumption.


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Alison Stewart, WNYC, All Of It
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Dave Pickering, The Restart Project
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